With week two of CCL is in the books, the first two qualifiers for Riot’s Winter tentpole for Teamfight Tactics (pictured above) are now complete, and 12-hours of coverage for competitive Legends of Runeterra in both North America and Europe, November is off to a great start. And! Stay tuned for the end when we share Gold Rush numbers from the end of October (hint: 1v1 madness drove over 9 million minutes watched).

The Teamfight Tactics community continues its climb in player base and stream viewership, especially when it comes to high-level competitive play. The Giant Slayer Challenger Series saw 15,660 unique viewers each spending 67.3 minutes watching the best in TFT clash during Week 1’s broadcast. With over 1,053,720 minutes watched overall, these qualifiers rivaled any previous series or tournament we have put on to-date, suggesting the TFT is healthy and growing. 

Also, this tweet is amazing:

Legends of Runeterra Content Lead, Casanova, got to see one of his long-term goals realized this last week with Fight Night: Legends expanding to incorporate the bourgeoning European scene. Friday’s now consists of a double-header, spanning North America and EU with over 12 hours of broadcast coverage. Although that may seem like a marathon for most viewers, 26,528 unique LoR viewers each spent 40 minutes per session watching the growing CCG. 

Below is the final bracket from Friday’s North American skirmish.

In CCL news, the Heroes of the Storm community has been ablaze with the weekly double-double headers on Saturdays and Sundays and we are having an incredible time broadcasting (and watching) these dynamic clashes. 

Ahead of Week 1, Inven Global asked me the tough questions, inquiring as to whether or not this idea will work or if the viewership will be there to sustain such a massive undertaking?

I’m here with a resounding answer: absolutely.

Each broadcast during Weeks 1 and 2 brought in over 32,000 unique viewers, each spending a whopping 61 minutes per viewing session enjoying the growing chemistry of these eight Orgs with fresh teams. With an average minute audience of well over 5,000, we are confident we’re onto something special and — while we can’t promise anything just yet — we are already hatching plans for a Season 2 of the CCL for Spring 2021. 

I’d like to personally send a shoutout to Roll20 and Duke Cannon for helping us take things to the next level, they are both great partners and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

In Rocket League news, our spooky GoldRush event at the end of October, GoldMine, was brilliant. Four monster days of 1v1 competition in partnership with Rocket League legend JohnnyBoy were simply the most hype 1v1 games of recent memory.

On top of the great show put on by Studio Director Jaycie Gluck and her amazing team, the community turned out in a big way. 

On Twitch alone, 234,917 unique viewers tuned in and watched over 9 million minutes of 1v1 madness with a peak concurrent viewership of 16,127 and an average minute audience of 6,011. It was a blast and I can’t wait for the next one. See you in the Spring for our next Gold Rush 😉

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