This weekend marks the kickoff of the Exhibition pre-season of HeroesCCL. The Exhibition games will feature a vast array of prospects from the Free Agent pool invited specifically to be scouted by each Org. Each Free Agent is at least Master-level in terms of rank, in turn, the level of play — while still in a pick-up game format — will be very high and we’re looking forward to some exciting play. The fun starts tomorrow at 4pm ET and will be streamed on the HeroesHearth Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, and cast by Cloud9’s Khroen and HeroesHearth’s Content Coordinator Bahamut. Exhibition play will continue each Saturday and Sunday for the next three weekends.

The HeroesHearth team has been rolling out an impressive deluge of content focused on getting to know the incoming Orgs, check out the playlist here:

On the Teamfight Tactics front, the Giant Slayer team is a mere week away from our second MortDog Madness event, which is anticipated to be a doozy of a tournament. The first MortDog Madness pulled over 3 million minutes watched with a peak concurrent viewership of over 20,000 aggregate viewers, so we’re excited to up the ante next weekend. For more details on the particulars, click the flyer below:

Ahead of the Madness, MortDog was one of our guest’s in this week’s Teamfight Talkshow along with Set 4 Designer Chaemirix. Join DoA and Frodan for the full episode here:

This week also featured a great episode of our Valorant podcast, Running It Back. Join MissHarvey and Jamerson has they get into the latest on news and roster moves with guest Alexis from MAJKL:

Around the water cooler, we’ve been mostly discussing a monster week of social media activity from our internal brands. Namely, this tweet from GiantSlayer that shook the very fabric of the TFT Subreddit:

For those of you absolutely clamoring for information about our wild Fall Guys Tournament, we did spill some beans this week, including the caster announcements of TrikSlyr and Halorin. Check out the formal announcement here: