After a massive weekend of fun and shenanigans, we’re off to the races again with another tentpole weekend. A total of 31,438 Fall Guys fans tuned into our $5k tournament last Saturday that featured the likes of Athena, Rizzo, Firedragon, KateStark, and Wavy (to name just a few), and it was an absolute blast. Thank you to everyone for turning in and supporting all of the wonderful competitors. 

Starting tomorrow (Saturday) at 4pm ET, join Grubby and DoA for the Heroes of the Storm CCL Draft Show, a first of its kind and sponsored by our good friends at Roll20 and Duke Cannon. Honestly, it’s going to be an awesome time. The CCL and Broadcast teams have collaborated to put on something really special for the Heroes community and I can’t wait for fans to enjoy it. 

In Rocket League news, we announced more details for our forthcoming GoldRush event, GoldMine, which will transpire over the course of four days of 1v1 competition in partnership with Rocket League legend JohnnyBoy.

Check back next week for the player reveal!

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