The week trailing September 18 was never short of excitement. The leading headline came directly from the top and was the culmination of months of work as we announced officially our first round of funding, read more at Esports Insider here

On the content front, the Heroes of the Storm CCL team launched a slew of community-focused changes and upgrades this week. Amongst the madness is a particularly cool co-streaming initiative opening up CCL broadcasts to allow those that apply direct access to the clean-feed (sans the casters) of the CCL broadcast to host on their own streaming channels to utilize for their own content.

Be-it casting their own perspective to breakdown the action or simply eating popcorn whilst hosting a watch party for their community, streamers in the Heroes community will now have the chance to leverage our content as their own, in turn, really turning up the excitement and buzz scene-wide.

Beyond that buzz, the CCL team also announced a fundamental change to the league handbook that will increase substantially the value the 6th player on a team’s roster in a way never done before. Baha has the story:

On the Giant Slayer front, the whole office is a-flutter with excitement as Set 4 of Teamfight Tactics has officially rolled-out. In turn, we’re thankful that the TFT team put together a full patch review and guide for the new Set to help us all climb just a little bit easier:

And tonight, Fight Night: Legends continues with a fully-stacked lobby of high-level Legends of Runeterra sharks competing for a $1,000 prize pool!

Last, but certainly not least, the media team did release a little teaser about our forthcoming Fall Guys Invitational on October 10. More details and absolute shenanigans to come!