Wisdom Announces Partnership With Riot Games for TFT Events

Wisdom is excited to announce partnership with Riot Games in its North American esports Regional Qualifier Series for Teamfight Tactics’ Set 4!

Wisdom Announces the Acquisition of Gold Rush

Wisdom is excited to announce the acquisition of Gold Rush, a community content and tournament brand that has produced a number of brilliant events and broadcasts for the Rocket League esports community.

Media Network

With a focus on storytelling, quality production, and educational content, Wisdom’s Media Network produces a variety of programming across multiple channel brands broken out by game community and publisher. Our weekly shows and monthly tournaments are broadcast live on Twitch — and later hosted on YouTube with supplementary content — that feature a diverse cast of influencers, professional esports players, streamers, and community leaders. This extensive network of influencers allows us to expand the reach of our programming through aggregate viewership and simultaneous live stream feeds.

While Wisdom specializes in building communities and content channels that have highly engaged, targeted, and passionate audiences, our team also has extensive experience and expertise producing live broadcast esports tournaments and events. 


Giant Slayer


As a trusted community leader of Teamfight Tactics programming and tournament organization, Giant Slayer focuses on making great shows with great people for a hungry audience of auto-chess players and Riot fans. Although our patented Wisdom humor is ever-present, Giant Slayer has risen to the highest level of competitive and pro tournament entertainment. 

Giant Slayer’s purpose is to elevate the TFT and Riot communities while shining a light on the joy and positivity gaming can create. And with the announcement of Riot’s new FPS game, VALORANT, our team is already building a steady stream of educational content to meet the demand in advance of the game’s official release.

Teamfight Tactics


Weekly Programming & Esports Tournaments

Giant Slayer Series

TeamFight Talk Show

TFT Fight Night Rising

VALORANT Fight Night

Legends of Runeterra Fight Night

Gold Rush


As the premier leader of Rocket League content and community tournament organization, Gold Rush has been at the heart and center of this passionate esports scene. From its grass roots beginning, Gold Rush has focused on providing the community with the best viewing experience possible.

By bringing it under the Wisdom wing, we’ve taken the core elements of Gold Rush and amplified them by 9000. Our goal is to elevate it in every way possible by joining prominent faces and top talent from the Rocket League community with Wisdom’s high level production team. We are all about putting on the best show and being the community hub for Rocket League fans everywhere.  We believe in listening to what people want and doing our best to achieve that dream is what sets us apart. Gold Rush’s vision is to continue to be the community pillar viewers are looking for.

Rocket League



As the trusted community leader of classic Blizzard Entertainment programming, HeroesHearth focuses on making great shows with great people for an elevated audience of refined tastes. A sprinkle of comedy, a dash of high-level play, and a deluge of drama, HeroesHearth brings to its fanbase something truly unique and captivating. 

HeroesHearth’s mantra resonates throughout all that we do: We’re like MTV in the 80s, but you know, for video games. It’s a goofy thing to say, however, it speaks to our core values of authentic entertainment that focuses on elevating communities while shining a light on the joy and positivity gaming can create.

Heroes of the Storm

 Warcraft 3

Weekly Programming & Esports Tournaments

HeroesHearth – Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Celebrity Clash League

Heroes Fight Night

Heroes In-House League
Coming soon!
Heroes Wednesdays featuring Grubby
Coming soon!

HeroesHearth – Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 Fight Night

Warcraft 3 Invitational

Warcraft 3 Champions of the Hearth
Coming soon!

Additional Weekly Programming

Kerri Saves Azeroth

Hearth by Daylight


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