When HeroesHearth was brought into the Wisdom family just over a year ago, it was clear that the best was yet to come. The team’s latest endeavor — the Community Clash League — is coming this Winter with an in-depth drafting system, dynamic rule set, and massive community engagement tools.

“The CCL (Community Clash League) is a 12-week long league featuring the best players in North American Heroes of the Storm. Starting today, Players who have achieved the rank of Masters and above in Storm League in 2020 will be able to enter the CCL Free Agent pool. Furthermore, Orgs of any size will now be able to apply to occupy a slot in the league.

There are 48 Players slots available and 8 Org slots available, so the competition will be tough, but we’re excited to meet the best and brightest from the Heroes community on both fronts.”

For all of the information you need to know, head over to my full blog breakdown at wsdm.gg/CCL-Everything.