GoldRushGG has been revived as the premier community Rocket League tournament source.


Wisdom is excited to announce the acquisition of Gold Rush, a community content and tournament brand that has produced a number of brilliant events and broadcasts for the Rocket League esports community. The official announcement of acquisition occurred during an event on June 7 featuring prominent Rocket League personalities and jointly produced between Wisdom and Rival Esports. Rival Esports is known for producing a variety of beloved Rocket League community events, including previous Gold Rush tournaments and content.

Wisdom is thrilled to bring Gold Rush into its larger media network, and Gold Rush will provide a platform to further Wisdom’s existing content initiatives in the gaming community. “Gold Rush is a respected community organization known for creating content that highlights the incredible personalities in the Rocket League esports scene,” said Wisdom CEO Mike Zweigbaum. “Since our focus at Wisdom has always been creating content our communities want and enjoy, Gold Rush is the perfect brand for us to expand into the Rocket League space.”

Wisdom’s plans for Gold Rush include bringing back its offline events, as well as generating a mix of regular content and competitions. Follow Gold Rush on Twitter and Twitch to stay up-to-date. Contact Ian Anderson at [email protected] or (612) 810-5319 for more information.

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