The Teamfight Tactics team at Giant Slayer launched our second MortDog Madness event yesterday and the competition has already been a barn-burner. With an initial aggregate peak viewership of over 22,000, we are off to the races and excited for a wild weekend of 4v4 drama, intrigue, and strategy.

For more details on the particulars, tune into your favorite streamer’s perspective on Twitch here

With the launch of the Exhibition pre-season of HeroesCCL, we’ve finally had a chance to witness to the high-level play from the resurgent Heroes of the Storm scene after a long wait — and that wait has been worth it.  With a peak viewership of over 4,000 and more than 2.5 million minutes watched over the weekend, the CCL team is enjoying a promising start — and the season hasn’t even started yet.

The action continues this weekend, starting tomorrow at 4pm ET and will be streamed on the HeroesHearth Twitch and YouTube, while cast by former Heroes pro Casanova and HeroesHearth’s Content Coordinator Bahamut

One piece of must-watch content from the HeroesHearth team this week is the below feature on esports casting legend DoA, who will be joining Grubby behind the caster’s desk for the regular season of CCL. Watch that here:


On the social media front, our latest Instagram efforts on TFTcentral have elevated our meme capabilities to new heights and increased our new user reach by 250,000 each week on the platform. We look forward to expanding our memery at all costs.

Tonight’s Legends of Runeterra Fight Night: Legends tournament is looking to be a completely stacked lobby. The scene is growing and the level of play is rapidly escalating, check out the full roster of competitors here and tune-in tonight on Giant Slayer.

Next weekend’s $5k Crown Fiesta Fall Guys Tournament is fast-approaching and the hype is building the closer we get. Is your bean body ready? Be sure to follow our new Wisdom-specific Twitch channel to prepare yourself.

Lastly, on the super top secret SoonSpoonTM front, our Star Wars Esports focused brand  is starting to take shape around the now-released EA Star Wars title, Squadrons. The team will be teasing forthcoming events shortly as ground is being broken on event planning. Follow along on Twitter here